Diversity Marketing Director
& Bilingual Creative Director


Professional Qualifications

I am a natural born fixer. A Marketing and Creative Director with a proven record of developing strategies and campaigns for some of the most recognized Hispanic brands in the Midwest. Leader in marketing team-management as well as concept and service design for complex diversity geared initiatives. Award-winning designer with an emphasis on print, corporate design, and branding.  Natural leader providing sense of professional ownership and superb work under tight deadlines. Proven record to create solid Marketing plans that encompass strategic planning, qualitative & quantitative research, interactive marketing, creative development, media planning & buying, database/ direct marketing, public relations, sales promotion, and visual merchandising.

Actually researching on System Theories on Branding and practical applications on Marketing Strategies. As a side note, if you like Pre-prohibition drinks, I ocassionally write a mixology blog.

Relevant Experience

Circled Media Services

Creative Director & Marketing Consultant
Circled Media Services is a boutique agency providing creative direction and marketing services to clients in the Midwest. Developed branding, built internal processes and directed overall strategic vision for companies in a wide variety of segments (Cheese, Salsa, Yogurt, Dairy Derivatives, Software, Beauty Products, and Pharmaceuticals). As creative director, ran day-to-day creative process on multiple accounts and new business pitches. As Marketing Consultant successfully launched large marketing initiatives for regional brands.

• Developed and won new business efforts for Nuestro Queso, Nuestra Salsa, La Vaquita,
Las Lomas, Las Montañas, Lola's Market, Tony's, Azteca Foods, Nubani, and Yogu Fruit
• Created overall concept and marketing strategies for Nuestro Queso, Nuestra Salsa,
Nuestra Crema, and a Co-packing venture between Azteca Foods and NS, which double
the size of the company by the end of year 1.
• Designed Corporate Marketing and POS/POP for over 25 local companies
• Won multiple awards for creative work

Clients: Nuestra Salsa, Nuestro Queso, Nuestra Crema, Brookfield, Geo Cheese, Nubani, La Michoacana, La Vaquita, Las Lomas, Las Montañas, Lola's Market, Dell Colombia, Microsfot Colombia, La Raza Newspaper, Hispanic Yellow Pages of America, Pfizer, and Kech's.

Aspen Marketing

Bilingual Art Director -Diversity Marketing
Directed creative teams and help them to translate marketing strategies into highly effective layouts and promotional pieces. We used Adobe CS and PM software throughout the process. I had to manage all projects from Conceptualization (developing copy and art) through Production.

• Created and developed POS/POP materials for Qwest & AT&T at the national
and regional level for the Hispanic Market

• Developed the most successful direct mail campaign for Hispanic Business for AT&T,
directly driving sales and growing partner relationships

• Developed multi-channel advertising for a multinational company that was so successful
the campaign was extended indefinitely and set as a model worldwide

• Created a print campaign for a major technology company that exceeded initial
expectations, and was the based for future campaigns in other channels.

Clients: Qwest, AT&T, General Motors, Chevrolet, Hyundai, and Motorola

Hispanic Yellow Pages of America

Production Director & Marketing Manager
HYPA started as a 3 person team in 2004. I was part of this original team and together we took this small venture company from 400K annual sales and turned it into an 8M plus company with 275 employees by 2007.

HYPA was by 2007 the second largest Independent Spanish Yellow Pages publisher in America. I was hired as Production Manager and climbed to the Production/Creative Director position in less than two years, at this point, I also was the Interim Marketing Manager for 12 consecutive months.

• During my tenure we received accolades from our marketing efforts from business 
partners and National Advertisement Vendors. Marketing efforts reported 
a 6:1 ROI profit margin.

• I managed to create successful business partnerships with printers and vendors
that allowed us to reduce our overall printing cost (5% to 10%, compared to 
the 20% average printing cost) saving the company over 1.5 M annually in printing 
cost, by using advertisement trade or cross-cultural promotional trade and other 
minority oriented marketing strategies.

• Reduced departmental HR cost by creating several logistic initiatives, 
such as paperless creative processes that allowed us to increased ad creation
from 8 ads/day to 14 ads/day
• Self-managed Ad traffic reports that reduce turn around times from 7 days to 3 days.

• Many marketing initiatives initiated during my tenure are now followed 
by other competitors and have become standard in the Hispanic Yellow Pages industry.
Production Manager
Created the initial marketing campaign to project the firm’s “Tus amarillas sirven más” branding, thus positioning the company in local DMA’s as the local choice for Hispanic readers. Created all initial marketing and sales strategies. Simultaneously initiated 2 training programs, one that improved the quality of creative concepts and another that improved all sales.

• Helped create HYPA’s publishing system, increasing productivity and reducing cost
• Successfully increased the overall performance ratings of the creative group. 
• Reconfigured working teams within department and implemented a traffic
system that tripled creative output. 
• Team attained 100% on-time project delivery reducing the annual budget in 15%.


Art Director & Production Manager
General Manager-at-large for a four-month period in 2004, helping to set up offices for the start-up, that expanded operations 20% during this brief period. Supervised two creative groups, working with a total staff of 12 people and overseeing a total of 150 people. Spearheaded creative development for all new business pitches, and marketing efforts. As a result, Impremedia’s LRYP was sold to Hispania Capital Investment for an undisclosed figure.The new owners secured my services as Production Manager and as Marketing Consultant.

• Achieved a high level of managerial and research skills managing 3 creative teams

• Handled production and presentations for the yellow pages and daily newspaper

• Worked as an editor and collaborator for stories

• Dealt with a printer and distributors

• Oversaw a complete redesign of both publications to better fit each audience

• Gained practical experience with editing and working in a professional,
creative environment

La Raza Newspaper

Senior Graphic Designer
Initially hired as a newspaper designer, and additionally I started doing work with the Marketing Department. From Demographic and Geographic reports, data analysis, data mining, campaign strategy, and distribution analysis. Created segmented campaigns that blended branding with direct marketing, across Print, TV, Radio, and interactive.

• Led creative development on the first product redesign and all their marketing materials.

• Won several “National Hispanic Association of Publishers” awards while at LRN, 
• as well as winning the employee of the month award twice in less than 12 months.

• Redesigned La Raza Yellow Pages. LRYP became quickly the standard used by 
• Spanish Yellow Pages directories across the nation. As a result LRYP was sold 
to Impremedia in 2003.

• Designing layout of magazine and editorial features.

• Designing advertisements.

• Updating website.

• Getting editorial stories for magazine and sub-editing

• Meeting strict print deadlines.

• Dealing with clients over their advertising needs.

• Designing promotional material such as flyers, menus, banners, leaflets etc.

• Proof reading magazine and newspaper content.

Clients: Worked with over 350 advertisers, some of the most relevants are CTA, Ravinia, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Telemundo, Telefutura, Chase, T-Mobile and Sprint. 


http://developingbrands.blogspot.com (Branding & Packaging)
http://tatocorrea.blogspot.com/ (Mixology)